Maintenance and Improvements

ASTROFIL Th. N. Akrepi is able to undertake the maintenance of your baghouse filter while supporting you with quality spare parts that produces or trades.

We are able to supply you with every kind of spare parts. While filter bags are expendable and have a relative short life time other parts of the baghouse might need replacing ,such as cages or parts of the electro – mechanical equipment.

We are sure to deliver reliable arts, cages and filter bags manufactured with excessive care either from our company or from well-known manufacturers from all over the world.

Our engineers and well trained technicians are able to scan your installed equipment in order to solve malfunction or any problems and help you achieve best performance and continuous production.

We can improve your existing baghouse operation, at a fraction of the cost of a new one, by updating your electromechanical equipment, and suggesting more suitable fabrics for your filter bags. Taking into consideration the special needs of your production along with our deep and wide understanding of the filtration process, we are sure to solve any problem you might come across, like high temperatures, red hot particles, corrosive gases and many others.

In addition we are able to spot poor design problems and suggest modification for the metal construction, place sealants or even design from scratch key components of your baghouse, like the perforated plate, cages and filter bags. We can help you with every de-dusting system containing particles down to 2μm.

For better and more consistent filtration, our company strongly suggests using hydroscopic precoating dust.

Precoating dust

Precoating dust is a light hydroscopic neutral dust of low density, harmless for your facility, the environment and the staff, with a wide spectrum of granulometry and able to absorb three times its specific weight.

This material scores, before the beginning of the baghouse operation, stable permeability for the filter bags, so that damage caused by hydrocarbons, higher pressure’s difference need and lessening of the time span between two consecutive cleanings of the filter bag is reduced and 30% longer life of the filter bags is noticed.