Astrofil Industrial Filters Blow Tank and Reloader Air Pads made with Air slide Fluitex and Neoprene . View Our Products Astrofil Industrial Filters Design and installation of new filter bags, service and improvement of the existing foundry equipment (lead, copper/bronze, zinc etc). Learn more Astrofil Industrial Filters We manufacture bulk material transfer and handling systems (bulk chute), equipped with de-dusting systems. View Our Products Astrofil Industrial Filters Study, design, installation, improvement and service of bag house filters. View Our Products Astrofil Industrial Filters In Astrofil we have the ability to manufacture cylindrical cages Φ60 mm to Φ250 mm in diameter and 200 mm up to 9000 mm length (split cages). View Our Products Astrofil Industrial Filters Our Filter bags are manufactured for jet pulse cleaning systems. They are sewed and include features like reinforced bottom, snap ring, regular ring and many different suspension designs. View Our Products Astrofil Industrial Filters We can manufacture custom made design Filter bags according to customer’s sketches. View Our Products

ASTROFIL Th. N. Akrepi, provides solution for industry since 1987,wherever de-dusting or bulk material handling is needed!

Astrofil Th. N. Akrepi was established in 1987 by Theodora N. Akrepi and has been manufacturing spare parts for baghouses, such as filter bags and cages, ever since. Throughout the years, in order to serve market’s needs, Astrofil Th. N. Akrepi expanded its production to other activities such as designing and manufacturing of the entire baghouse and bulk material transferring systems.

industrial cylindrical cage manufactured by Astrofil


We are able to undertake the maintenance of your baghouse but also improve its operation at a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Operation Improvements

We can improve your existing baghouse operation by improving the de-dusting system.


Study, design and installation

Our success lays with the excessive care we approach every new project.