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Baghouses are common air de-dusting systems, used in heavy industry such us cement industry, foundries, asphalt plants, thermoelectric plants and many others. Their efficiency is related to many factors such as, air velocity and the nature of the particles we are trying to contain.

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In ASTROFIL we can produce filter bags of any type and size.
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Filter bags are de-dusting elements. Being expendable equipment, their design and manufacture are key factors that determine their lifetime and effectiveness. A fit selection of fabric is fundamental, when designing a filter bag according to their use.

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Every cage carries system for the proper suspension of filter bags , venturi nozzle for the acceleration of cleaning pulse, bottom and cap.
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Metal wire cages are the most common supporting equipment for filter bags in baghouses. Cooperation of filter bag and cage is fundamental for consistent filtration and long living filter bags providing the required cleaning from the Jet pulse system.

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Being one of the dustiest areas in every industry, small granulometer bulk material handling has been part of our interest since the beginning. We have studied and manufactured many bulk material handling systems, both autonomous or along with de-dusting system.

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ASTROFIL Th. N. Akrepi, provides solution for industry since 1987,

wherever de-dusting or bulk material handling is needed!

Astrofil Th. N. Akrepi was established in 1987 by Theodora N. Akrepi and has been manufacturing spare parts for baghouses, such as filter bags and cages, ever since. Throughout the years, in order to serve market’s needs, Astrofil Th. N. Akrepi expanded its production to other activities such as designing and manufacturing of the entire baghouse and bulk material transferring systems.



We are able to undertake the maintenance of your baghouse but also improve its operation at a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Operation Improvements

We can improve your existing baghouse operation by improving the de-dusting system.


Study, design and installation

Our success lays with the excessive care we approach every new project.

If You Need Any Industrial Solution … We Are Available For You