Airslides and discharge cones

Our company manufactures textile discharge cones or any other lining for easier unloading of silos and silo-trucks as well as filters for the displaced air.

We can supply tailor made linings preventing creation of inert areas of silos or bag house hoppers.

The working principal of these parts is that bulk material is easier to travel along a textile surface when the last one is vibrated by compressed air.

That way faster material transfer is achieved so that both time and money is saved.


ASTROFIL Th. N. Akrepi can also produce air slide canals used for bulk material transfer like cement.

Those are metallic canals that carry a woven textile of little air permeability.

Under this textile compressed air is provided, that helps the bulk material above the textile travel along the canal to a destination of similar altitude.

This is an economic and fast way to transfer material too short to medium distances, in a continuous and consistent way.


Last we are able to make textile ducts, elastic joints or casings for moving parts according to customer needs and sketches.