Bulk Chutes

Being one of the dustiest areas in every industry, small granulometry bulk material handling has been part of our interest since the beginning. We have studied and manufactured many bulk material handling systems, both autonomous or along with de-dusting systems.

Bulk chutes are telescopic ducts, used for loading silo trucks, unloading of silos and loading and unloading of bulk carriers. Their design allows them to follow the vertical movement of the vessel or truck when loading or unloading.



We manufacture both single and double tube chutes that are able to collect the dust emissions from the loading process, keeping the loading, clean and safe for the environment and the personnel.
Astrofil Th. N. Akrepi has accumulated experience and has acquired expertise in bulk chute manufacturing throughout the years. Due to the continuous studying of loading and unloading of cement carries we have concluded to specialized materials and designs. That way, bulk chutes are designed against folding or tearing, while securing the unobstructed flow of the material. Our chutes are light weighted but durable and they can handle every type of bulk material.


We manufacture both the base and the unloading cone of the bulk chute and also install the mechanism for unfolding as well as the level monitor for proper control of the loading.

We are able to manufacture in short notice, single or double tube bulk chutes for loading and de-dusting, for capacities from 200m³/h up to 1.500m³/h and temperatures up to 170 ºC. Our products can easily handle, even the most abrasive materials. Our chute are manufactured at diameter 200-1.000mm and for length 500-20.000mm. Their extraction and folding is guided by 3-4 wire ropes and another internal wire rope handles the operation of the closure system. We can supply our chutes ready for installation, along with their mechanical parts or just the telescopic part.