Bulk material transfer

Transfer of bulk materials like cement, lime, ash, flour or even pharmaceutical powders, is part of the production of many industries as well as an engineering field. Technologies and technics have advanced throughout the years making easier, faster and clean transfer reality. In ASTROFIL Th. N. Akrepi for more than 30 years we have served the needs of heavy industry and maritime transportation with trustworthy, tailor made equipment and machinery.

Bulk materials like cement, limestone, metallic ores, or food powders like flour etc. feature many difficulties when transferred. Dust emissions, abrasion of equipment, leakages, contamination from unwanted particles are just to name a few of them. Especially when huge quantities have to be transferred in a short time like when loading or unloading a bulk carrier or a cement carrier vessel, designing and manufacturing a bulk loading chute to carry out that task can be proved quite challenging.


Transfer of bulk materials like cement, lime, ash, flour or even pharmaceutical powders

As a company we have accumulated throughout the years, considerable experience that we use along our studying, when designing such spouts and chutes. We are able to manufacture telescopic chutes for loading/ unloading bulk materials capable to transfer up to 1.200 m3/h and able to extend up to 20m. These chutes are often used for loading bulk carrier and cement carrier vessels or silo-trucks, with cement, limestone, or other materials. Our well designed chutes are made of special materials that can handle even the most abrasive materials like perlite and are able to operate at a wide spectrum of temperatures. They and can be single or double tubed so that while the inner tube transfers the material the outer tube can collect the dust emissions, keeping the whole process dust-free. ASTROFIL’s chutes are well equipped with wires, metallic frames, level monitors making them trustworthy robust, yet light pieces, guaranteed to satisfy your needs.


Aside from these chutes we manufacture a wide variety of textile spouts and discharge cones used for easier unloading of silos. This is achieved by shaking the textile cone or the spout in order to enhance the flow of the bulk material. We manufacture air pads as well, devices that are used to prevent the creation of inert areas in silos and large containers. Last technic concerning the transfer of bulk materials using textiles is the air slide canals where the bulk material of various granulometry travels above a special textile with small air permeability. Below this textile compressed air helps the flow of the material above.


ASTROFIL Th. N. Akrepi manufactures also heavy metal machinery suited for bulk material transferring like air locks and screw conveyors. Those are key components of the bag house but are also widely used with silos and other bulk material storing facilities. Airlock is a machine that can unload a sealed tank or silo of its bulk load while prevent the air from going inside, a very crucial feature for many bulk materials that react with humidity such us cement and lime. Screw conveyor is a machine that transfers bulk material to different height levels and can be open or sealed depending on the material being transferred. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control with high quality materials so that they are durable, long living and able to handle abrasive bulk loads, high temperatures without leaks or malfunctions.

Proper handling of bulk materials can be crucial in term of time and money cost. Efficient, fast clean and safe transfer or large bulk quantities can make the difference and elevate the production or the transportation while mistakes or miscalculations might affect the outcome in a decisive way whether it is a product or a scheduled delivery. Our products can secure your operations against jeopardies and allow unobstructed production.